Hidden Cam shows Asian Bar Girl getting Fucked!

Great set as it uses a hidden button camera–the girl has no idea she’s being filmed!!!This clips starts inside a bar in southeast Asia. I just ordered a drink and then spoke to a girl about going into a back room to fuck. These rooms are called "short time" rooms and while some people aren’t aware, many bars have them just incase a customers wants to fuck. She agreed. I then start the camera and you get to see everything! We walk from the bar into a back room, I remove my shirt which has the button camera and hang it on the wall and fuck the HELL out of her.A little about the camera. This is new technology which I purchased from Taiwan. Very high resolution hidden into a small camera with a button on the lens. Even if you know the camera is there, it’s impossible to tell that it’s not really just a button. The camera is attached to a new technology pocket recorder which is exactly the size of a cigarette box so that it can be cleaverly hidden. Enough battery and memory space to record over an hour! The camera has a .2 lux rating so can shooting in very dark rooms, and that was needed as this room was fairly dark. While the picture quality sufferred a bit because of the darkness, it’s still a good quality picture and a GREAT set! Warning, this clip does not have sound as it’s not legal to purchase hidden cameras with sound in most countries.

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